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Replace Office/Cubicle Trash Cans with Recycle Bins

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The trash cans within our individual office and cubicle space as well as the restrooms should be replaced with recycle receptacles. The trash receptacles can be relocated to a common area (generally where the community recycle area currently resides) and instead of daily or every other day office/cubicle trash pick-up, we have office/cubicle recycle pick-up. This will promote more recycling and force folks to physically get up to dispose of trash...currently the process is the opposite (it's easy to throw something in the trash for custodial pick up while we empty our own recycle boxes). I acknowledge that we will need to modify custodial contracts but as these contracts come up for renewal we need to be changing the process. In addition, some marketing/advertisement of the change needs to take place to promote employee behavior changes. Cost increases, if any, would be nominal. This effort will increase agency waste diversion rates, help reduce landfill greenhouse gas emissions, and extend the operational life of existing landfills.



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