General Services Administration

Replace extraneous vehicles

There are available forklifts and other specialty vehicles for heavy or extra bulky loads. Federal agencies must stop buying 8-cylinder gasoline powered work trucks and passenger vans. Replace them with diesel-powered 4-cylinder work trucks with 3-6 personnel seating or minivans with 7 seats; such as the size of the Ford Ranger or, preferably, the Chrysler Town and Country/ Dodge Grand Caravan. Chrysler has the 2.8 liter VM/Detroit diesel engine that gets at least 28 mpg on city driving. The minivans have folding 2nd and 3rd row seats that can be folded to carry items at times when not being used as personnel carriers. The minivans can also replace the fleets of patrol/security vehicles. The move to smaller vehicles will reduce gas consumption, standardize repair and maintenance requirements nationwide, and make vehicle usage more efficient. Put it out as a biddable contract and may the best vehicle win. It's a win for the Federal government and a win for the transportation company with the best product.



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