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Require Agency to Implement TeleWork Policy For All Eligible Positions

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Increase the number of people working from home by requiring that agencies implement, support, and enforce their policies and allow ALL individuals in positions which have been identified as eligible to work remotely to work from home. Use the pay periods as measures and set up a schedule where half the office works from home on Monday/Wednesday/Friday of the first week and Tuesday and Thursday of the second week and the other half works the opposing schedule.


1. Comply with current initiatives

2. Ensure work continues during inclement weather and emergencies and reduce the number of injuries and accidents that involve federal employees coming into the office when road and sidewalk conditions are unsafe

3. Increase proficiency in the use of electronic technology

4. Optimize the use of paperless systems that are already in place

5. Foster teamwork and learning environments by increasing coworker awareness of the functions of various positions

6. Attract talented new hires to the federal work force

7. Increase morale by eliminating the appearance of favoritism in granting Work from

Home Request

8. Improve health of federal workforce by decreasing back and neck fatigue associated with long commutes and by decreasing stress associated with long commutes

9. Establish the federal Government, which is the greatest employer, as the leader in optimization of electronic technology

10. Reduce cost to government of rental space by using shared work spaces

11. Reduce cost to agencies by reducing the number of parking spaces

12. Reduce cost to agencies by reducing the amount of metro subsidies bought and disbursed

13. Reduce carbon emissions by reducing traffic congestion on the beltway and on secondary roads

14. Reduce carbon emissions by decreasing the amount of emissions emitted from federally occupied buildings

15. Reduce the number of children with asthma who live inside the beltways by reducing carbon emissions

16. Reduce traffic congestion on beltways and secondary roads

17. Reduce amount of road repairs and delays caused by road repairs by reducing road traffic

18. Reduce number of workplace injuries

19. Reduce use of leave to account for tardiness

20. Reduce number of personnel actions associated with scheduling

Can apply to all agencies, especially those located in metropolitan areas that have large forces and where large numbers of the workforce commute over 15 miles.



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