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Require Clinger Cohen Act Awareness Certification on OMB Exhibit 53/300 Submissions

Increase Clinger Cohen Act (CCA) literacy. Professionalize how Clinger Cohen Act is implemented by requiring all information technology personnel have the Core Competencies added to their training portfolio. Introduce annual Clinger Cohen Act training. Require agencies certify in their annual 53s/300s that IT program personnel have read the Clinger Cohen Act Core Competencies. Like so many excellent laws, the Clinger Cohen Act is little known to most government technologists. Having conducted audits of agency's implementation of the CCA, it is obvious most personnel are not even aware of the CCA and the core competencies required for each government IT employee. The Clinger Cohen Act addresses many areas for efficiencies and education that would save the government (taxpayers) significant funds and help prevent program deficiencies if more personnel were aware of the CCA. A broader suggestion would be to ensure any new legislation or regulation is coupled with training and awareness otherwise more policies become obscure shelfware.



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