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Retrofit Buildings to New Green Energy Efficient HVAC Technology

Almost 40% of the world's use of energy is to heat, ventilate and air condition (HVAC) buildings. I offer a license for use of patented technology, towards converting all or most government buildings to new, low installed cost, green, simple, energy-efficient HVAC systems, using high volume low pressure superchrger technology, combined with air vortex tubes. This implementation would save the government vast energy costs across all agencies, while improving the environment and obtaining a rapid return on the investment for each building that uses HVAC. The innovation would be low installed cost because they could utilize much of existing HVAC systems, and the components replaced will be smaller and simpler in operation. The innovation would be green because it would eliminate all hazardous refrigerants. The innovation would save significant energy in each case, because equipment will condition air directly and safely, split the flow into hot and cold air streams for muliple uses, at relatively low operating pressures (20 to 30 psi), and with less supporting equipment. For illustration of portions of the technology, see the folloing links:

Illustration and details of the comlete HVAC innovation available upon request. Note that coefficient of performance was once thought to be low for use of vortex tubes, but those were driven by standard air compressors and at higher operating pressures. COP for this new technology is demonstrably high.



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