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Revamp the Data Retention Requirements and Methodology

Completely redo the document retention program. It is impossible to maintain/archive data per the current system. NASA is completely noncompliant, therefore the system is a farce anyway and would cost untold amounts of money to bring into compliance. We need to change our methodology to apply the least restrictive category, minimize the categories, and stop making up new categories all the time just because you don't understand the system. We also need a software team to come up with open source code that can be implemented into databases (modules) to assist developers in automating the different categories of archival requirements, and we need to make simplified automated processes for submitting that data into the various documentation repositories. This can probably also be applied to other agencies but I know that it's a critical situation at NASA. I don't know how much money we're spending at NASA pretending that we have a handle on document retention but I know it's lot, and it's wasted. Also, REALLY train a few people and let them do the job of assisting in establishing record categories and developing record plans rather than badly training a bunch of people to proliferate the problems.



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