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Revamp travel processes

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I think that the most money could be saved by rethinking travel. As it is now, we use contact travel agencies. Most of these "travel agencies" are are online and automated. Yet, we are being charged a minimum of $13.50 just for the travel agency to issue each authorization and voucher that could be handled internally. We also pay the fee to book flights, as well as having to deal with greatly inflated flight prices. I think it would be a good idea to allow government travelers to use other private websites such as orbitz, travelocity, hotwire, etc to schedule travel if a significant savings could be acheived. We would also by-pass the $13.50 fee. I don't feel that using the travel agency is saving our admin people any timebecause they are still having to input all the information anyway. I think a massive amount of money could be saved just through revamping the travel policy.


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