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Review revise Federal Computer Programs

Review all Federal computer programs. Many do not work are inefficient and difficult to navigate even for a computer person. This wastes huge tax dollars and is completely frustrating. Examples: NPS IDEAS, antiquated, poorly designed and locks up often.


Review purchasing protocol. Now to purchase something it must be submitted in PMIS, then re-entered in IDEAS. Even worse, If it is facility related you must enter it in PMIS (Project Management Information System) bridge it to FMSS (Facility Management ,,)then enter into IDEAS. Previously you could write out a purchase request and have it review by your supervisor. It is still reviewed by the supervisor but now rather than minutes it can take hours to properly submit a purchase request.

GIS and FMSS. After several years of collecting GPS data for all NPS facilities, buildings and trails, it can no longer be viewed on line as the NPS FMSS program was updated. That is a huge waste of dollars.


These processes obviously do not work. I submitted for a new computer October 2009. As of July 8, 2010 it is still not here!


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