Department of Health and Human Services

Save Billions via reformed Adoption, abortion, and organ donation

First, those considering abortions should be made aware of all available adoption and foster care options in their area and the adoption and foster care approval process should offer more incentives to participants. (Simply be increasing: Federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance) The approval process should also be expedited, rather than taking a year or more for a person to obtain a background criminal and financial check. A policy for acceptable healthcare cost payments by the potential adoptive/foster parent(s) should be encouraged and those considering abortions should be made aware of such programs by HHS, Planned Parenthood, etc.

Second, those considering abortions should be made aware of clinical trials pharmaceutical companies are conducting, as well as the necessary and extreme difficulty such companies undertake to provide pregnant woman with more effective morning sickness medication. At their own expense, pharmaceutical companies would be more than happy to provide this information to Planned Parenthood and similar organizations with the specific clinical trial applicant and phase information. As an example of the serious problem morning sickness and other pregnancy related health problems are, my wife has morning sickness for all trimesters and the best available prescription is Zofran, an anti-nausea prescription for cancer patients, which cost over $40 per 2 milligram pill. Since our health insurance company will only pay for a limited amount of Zofran, my wife frequents the emergency Room to get rehydrated intravenously. If those considering abortions participated in clinical drug trials, prior to getting an abortion, their sacrifice would help millions of other mothers.

COST-BENEFIT: This would save millions annually for at least three departments: HHS and the FDA, which reviews and approves/denies all new drug product introduction, and the USPTO (by not investing time in the patent review and approval process on products not yet approved by the FDA). Further, pharmaceutical companies would willingly contribute to any addition cost incurred by creating winning coalitions between abortion providers and themselves.

Third, where women have decided to have an abortion, they should be given as much information as possible regarding organ donation for their baby. (What is currently happening with these babies' bodies is not a subject anyone in DC cares to discuss. ) This would help both the shortage of organ donations for infants who have serious health problems and would help offset the financial nightmare and deficits of our current healthcare system.



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