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Save Money By Using Cameras To Catch Speeders Instead Of Our Police Officers

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Reduce the use of Traffic Control Police Officers Giving Speeding Tickets. Traffic Cameras are much more effective and do not cost as much. There is a terrible amount of wasted talent and money. Take the example of many other developed nations (Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia and England) that have already done this and proved how much money can be saved. Our Police Officers can be given jobs that are more meaningful and less of an insult to their intellect.


The use of pulling over speeders so you can check for other activities has often been abused so police could see if there was any other illegal activities people were ingaged in. This is a simple misuse of police power to try to catch criminals by guess work, which has the same effect as having a police state and is a loss of our civil liberties.


The cameras also detect the speed of the vehicle using both radar and laser technology so tickets can be incremented in value just as they are now. With most of this being automated and with the camera taking pictures of both the car license plates, and the drivers face, it eliminates having the offenders being dealt with in our court system which is also expensve and boggs down our court systems. The process of personnel processing of tickets is also greatly reduced or eliminated by the entire system being automated with the exception of mailing out the tickets that are generated automatically. Speed cameras can also be placed at fixed locations where speeding is a huge problem and they can also be mobile mounted so they can be moved to where there are small problems or complaints.


There is a definate guarantee of savings of time, money and resources if this is implemented


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