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Save The Government Millions of Dollars

I suggest that in order to save the Government money DAE, Core and PFT's employees that work all over in the world needs to work the area where they live in time of disasters. This will cut tremendous amount of money being spent on hotels and per Diem for the Government. Again the government would not need to have Rental cars for those employees because the employees could use their own cars to and from work. The people that work out in the field they can sign

GSA vehicles out every time that they need to go to the Field this will cut tremendous amount of money being spent. I am a negotiator and a thrifty

spender and I know I can save the goverment millions of dollars on unnecessary spending.

Kimberly Moreland

FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaison

901-340-8800 Personal Cell

571-377-9667 FEMA Cell




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