Department of Defense

Save money and increase efficiency through 4 day work weeks

I suggest that the Government go to a 4 day 40 hour week with all employees having Friday off.

1. The Government would save on utility costs for buildings i.e. 4 days instead of 5. This would save millions of dollars a year on energy.

2. Custodial services cost would decrease.

3. Transportation costs would decrease. The road systems would last longer with less cars on the road and would lower tranportation emissions thereby saving the environment.

4. Employees would more likely use off days for doctor's appointments and other necessary appointments. Thereby, having more Government employees at work and being productive and less overtime to make up for lost productive time.

5. 10 hour days would also allow Government agencies to be open longer for needed service. This is especially beneficial for agencies having customers in differing time zones/geographic locations. As employees need to come in early or stay late to accommodate the different time zones. Also, the majority of Americans work day jobs so it is hard to come in to agencies without taking time off work. The longer hours will allow more Americans to use Government agency services without loss of wages/leave. Increase customer satisfaction with services provided by agencies.

6. 4 day weeks would increase Government employee morale and increase family and reecreational time.



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