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Save the U.S. Post Office (Here's How)

My latest idea comes in the form of saving the U.S. Post Office as well as the consumers. As of late the Post Office would like to raise prices on stamps, post cards, and the mailing of parcels. I also understand they would like Congress to approve stopping Saturday deliveries. I'm here to propose not having to do any of this in favor of authorizing the consumers the ability to purchase electronic postage credits through the U.S. Postal Service. These stamps would be similar to the ones that are sent by our bill companies that look like 33 cent ink stamps or even the bar codes on the return envelopes marked postage paid. I figure if the major companies are allowed to not only get discounted stamp rates along with these electronic barcodes/stamps, then why not the consumer? At least this way both individuals could benefit while saving money in the long run. My theory involves the customer purchasing an electronic stamp machine with credits that will enable them to produce as many electronic stamps as they would like until the amount purchased was used up. Then the customer could either return to their local Post Office to recharge their credits or go online at the Post Office's website to purchase more credits. The possibilities could be endless and used in coordination with parcels with the already in place weigh and pay system. What would be the cost of the stamp machine or even the credits? Well, my research is still turning up answers and my hope is that the companies behind these already existing stamps will be able to provide answers. Until then, I hope this suggestion is able to go even further with your votes.



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