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Savers of the Future

A real save idea. Create a population of the future who will understand our relationship to the earth and the importance of conservation and may create leaders who can balance the economy and protect the environment. Our education is falling behind other countries. Children don’t know where their food comes from, where their energy comes from or how to enjoy the outdoors. They are losing their ability to do physical labor. My idea relates to Kids in the Woods but goes further. I would like to suggest that a selective type of grant be developed for city schools to add one month of education dedicated to understanding the environment and the relationship to it. Upon graduation from high school the kids would have to do one year service time in the Forest Service, EPA, Park Service, or USGS before heading to the work world. Instead of contracting expensive retired workers, young adults could take on field work which may guide them to jobs in these agencies, help them understand the world outside of the city, and why they need to conserve water, energy and land.



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