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Saving Expensive Training Dollars through Knowledge Share

Training has always been an issue throughout our organization. So many people want to attend and gain knowledge, and budget just doesn't allow for it. However, at NASA there is a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that needs to be shared across team members. My proposal is to have in house training sessions and allow our experts to share their knowledge to others. When expertise doesn't exist in a field needed, we can opt to send a member to a training facility to gain the knowledge and materials lacking. That person can then return back to our organization and share that knowledge with others in workshop style environment to those that may benefit from the training. This cuts down on trianing and travel costs, as well as the large dollar amounts spent on bringing in outside sources and it allows our employees to gain the knowledge they need.


Obviously this is not a solution for those requiring certifications, and that will still need to be left to sending those individuals to the classes desired. This will however redcue the amount of costs spent on smaller classes that do not provide certifications. Within NASA, we have some true experts in their fields. This knowledge shouldn't jsut go to waste, nor should the team effort and comraderie this would support. A team with a large amount of knowledge can only benefit the organization as a whole by providing innovative and technologically sound ideas for our future.



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