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I taught physics in a public school in an inner city for 33 years. I never had enough folders, staples, speakers, computer components, filing cabinets, bookcases, magic markers, batteries, staplers, trash cans, erasers, paperclips, pencils, chains, scotch tape, glue, scissors, staple removers, magnets, sticky notes, electronic switches, pens, plastic document protectors, clipboards, electronic components, rubber bands, clamps, wood, brushes, paper, string, or wire for my physics classes. In many Federal buildings are several different cans at convenient locations: waste, recyclables, aluminum/glass/plastic, and newspapers. Possibly we could add one more can at a few locations in these buildings for things that schools might use that we might otherwise throw out. As a teacher, I would have been happy to drive to one of these recycling cans to bring back the treasures that others might think of as trash.


At the very least, maybe a card could be posted with a phone number of a local teacher/school and placed above a box. Upon the box’s acquiring a nice goody/unwanted items, the teacher/school could be phoned to come pick up. On this card could be listed suitable items that might be of value to a local school/physics teacher/other teachers.


The best location for such boxes here at DOE HQ in Germantown would be at the main entrances/exits so that the teacher would not be inconvenienced in having to come through security to empty the boxes.


Items that are routinely available in many suburban schools are rare in our big-city schools.



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