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Self-Service Screening - Technology - Security - Cost Savings

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My idea is to implement self-service screening stalls (Plexiglas walled). These facilities would have credential readers (Credential Authentication and Verification devices) and credit/debit card readers. If the credentials and credit card were valid, the stall door would be unlocked for entry. The traveler would have 1 minute to divest, load bins and successfully walk through the metal detector (2 tries) without any charge to the credit card. If it took longer than 1 minute, each additional minute would cost $2. After 2 unsuccessful attempts through the Metal Detector, the stall door for secondary screening would open. If the traveler successfully passed the metal detector, and their baggage passed, the stall door to the sterile area would open and they could proceed.


This is how screening will take place 20 years from now. They can do it in grocery stores and gas stations, we should be doing it at airports. This technology would free up screening resources to focus on BDO triggers, anomalies, threats and customer service issues.


Initially replace one manual line with self-screening options, and gradually transition to mostly self-service lines. There will always be a couple of manual lines.


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