Department of Justice

Share Competencies to Reduce re-invention of the wheel

I suggest you have all agencies exchange proficiencies through the TDY exchange of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to reduce cost overruns and project failures. For example, in no universe other than the Federal government does it take an agency more than a decade to roll out a competent general ledger. Why is it taking so long? Because the competency is in law enforcement, not financial management. Meanwhile the FDIC and other like agencies are so proficient in this arena that reviewing financial institutiions's financial management systems is part of their mission. So why not share that expertise with agencies that don't possess proficiency in that area? I recommend that the Federal government share SMEs as needed on a TDY basis to prevent reinvention of the wheel, and provide some standardization among administrative elements of the government. Sharing of IT system, financial, HR, and other administrative SMEs would provide for a good start. Through collaboration, etc., the sharing of operational SMEs would complete the cycle. Perhaps an SME library could be established through this site so agencies could call for assistance/guidance.



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