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Shorten Federal Register notices/rules

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Shorten Federal Register notices/rules:

Currently, when we write a Federal Register document there is alot of detail (both legal boilerplate and technical information on the topic). For example, a recent Final Rule for a tolerance that I published had about 2 pages of boilerplate and 4 pages of technical discussion of the specific topic. At almost $500/page this cost EPA about $3,000 to publish.


Suggestion: FR documents could be shortened to less than half a page (easily) by referencing a website(s) for the boilerplate (legal authority, how to comment, etc) and a website with a docket # for the technical discussion. The FR document should simply include where to find the legal and process information and a short summary of the technical topic. Also, expand the standard format to add more topic tags followed by the link to find that information.


We've moved somewhat in this direction already but have far to go. For tolerance final rules we already reference the docket # to point the reader to the full risk assessment memos but we still repeat a detailed, multi-page version of that assessment in the FR document. For Notices of Filing we have already moved to a fairly short format (but there's still about 1.5 pages of boilerplate with 1 paragraph of technical information referencing the docket #).


Not only would this save considerable money, it would also make it easier to read the FR documents. As I read these documents I'm always thinking "get to the point already! What was the request and what was the answer."


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