Department of State

Significantly Reduce Security Protection of Gov't Officials

By limiting security protection to just the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and, whenever necessary, those with legitimate threats against them, we could save our government millions of dollars! Not just millions of dollars this year, but tens of millions in the years to come.

Think about how much money our government spends on private airplanes/military flights, hotels, rental cars, per diem, and other additional costs in securing our government officials when they travel. Not to mention, the amount of work time that is taken away from the duties of many government employees in order to support the needs of each security team.

Imagine as well, the perception of strength that our senior-ranking government officials (especially those who currently require security protection) would show to the world, when traveling WITHOUT security. At a time when America needs to be seen as strong, this would be a good way to show our strength and save a lot of government money at the same time!!



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