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Simple policy decision can save thousands of manhours.

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Right now, mine operators are required to submit accident & injury data and production data to the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA). They can submit forms 7000-1 and 7000-2 via web, email, fax, or hardcopy.


Currently, over 10,000 hard copy submissions are received by the Office of Injury and Employment (part of DOL/MSHA/PEIR/ITC/SuppServices Division) EACH AND EVERY MONTH. This results in thousands of man hours spent each and every month opening letters, entering the data, and then later fixing the data that was mis-typed.


By simply stating that all mine operators must submit this data electronically, we can save thousands of man hours every month.


Requiring mine operators to e-file also makes archiving that submission (with the National Archives) quicker and easier, speeds up the discovery process for litigation, and has a host of other benefits.


** The mechanism to do this is already in place: submission of the forms via the MSHA web site is in place and fully functional. Some mine operators already use it, just not all.


All that is required is a policy decision, and the man hours savings are realized as soon as the policy goes into effect.


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