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Simplify the financial accounting system

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Simplify the financial process by developing a SINGLE financial tracking system that can track all money distributions, obligations and expenditures. This should be as simple as looking at a personal bank account and doing personal reconciliations.


Develop ONE method to provide funding across the Department and out to contracts and grants. Get rid of different types of MIPRs and suballocations and other distribution vehicles. Each of these are tracked, processed and reported separately requiring exhorbant manpower in budget offices.


Develop ONE system across the Departments. Get rid of Service and organization specific financial systems.


Maneuvering through all of that is the biggest waste of time across the DoD; it provides nothing but inaccurate reporting; roadblocks and time wasted to attempt resolutions once the issues are understood.


One system would make the accounting efficient, and would allow the transactions to be made in time to produce the intended effects, instead of continued delays and resubmissions.



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