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Simplifying Selective Service

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If Selective Service registration is to be required for those to obtain Federal benefits, including eligibility for Federal Employment, then can we simplify the process for those that must register or receive a waiver to get such benefits? Currently, you have to know that you must register between the ages of 18 and 26, but there are a variety of exceptions to this rule. If you did not register (unknowingly or unwillingly) you have to obtain a waiver from Office of Personnel Management in order to obtain the benefit of being eligible for Federal Employment. The amount of Federal-related work hours to review and validate such requests for waivers of potential Federal employees is overwhelming, let alone having an entire organization overseeing this statutory mission. I have witnessed that a number work hours are required of various high grade level positions from more than one agency in order to review and decide the fate of one person requesting a waiver.

Since it is a law that people must follow, whether they are a current U.S. citizen or not, there must be a way to simplify this process in order to make it automatic. If we ever have to have a draft again, doesn't today's technology provide us with the ability to use this identifier or other identifiers that they already have as a means to produce a draft? I suggest tying it with Social Security Administration and having one's social security number become the registration number. Also, if someone is immigrating to our country and they fall under the category of needing to register, could technology integrate information on those from this standpoint whether it would be again when they obtain a social security number or at the time to obtain a visa? Lastly, is there a way to look at current regulations and simplify the exceptions so it is easier to understand who must register versus that is automatically exempted? These possible approaches could save the Government millions of dollars over the years and ensure that there is an easier process for people to follow the law of our country.



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