Department of Energy

Smart Power Strips in all Federal Government Facility made mandatory

I suggest that we issue a directive to install "smart strips" on every power outlet (minus critical systems that need to remain on 24hrs such as medical devices, refrigeration systems, etc) in all federal buildings. First, "smart strips" are power strips that turn power completly off when it detects no activity. The Federal Gov't wastes a lot of money by leaving computers, printers, copiers, radio's, tv's, fans, speakers, coffee pots, etc plugged in. Even though turned off they continue to draw a large amount of power. Many of our federal buildings have TVs plugged in 24 hours as well as computers, speakers, etc. However, if we use current technology and purchase the "smart strips" which are power strips that turn off when they do not detect a turned on system, we can save lots of money in utility cost and reduce our carbon footprint dramatically.


My recommendation is that we invest in the purchase of these "smart power strips" and this will pay for itself in savings since coffee pots, televisions and many other various systems remain plugged in throughout the evening and on weekends, but remain unused. If we plugged every electrical cord into one of these "smart" power strips in every government building in the United States, the savings would be phenomenal. This is an idea that I believe we should implement imediately.



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