Office of Personnel Management

Smoke free Federal Buildlings and Offices occupied by Federal Employees

Make Federal Buildings and Offices occupied by Federal agencies/bureaus smoke free environments.


This would include the area surrounding the building. As a result, it would decrease the number of employees taking smoke breaks during the day, ultimately wasting the tax payers money.


According the the CDC, 21% of adults over the age of 18 are smokers. The average smoker takes 4-6 smoke breaks per day. If it takes 15 minutes total to leave the desk, smoke the cigarette, and return to the desk, that is anywhere between an hour to 1.5 hours of breaks, before you even factor in lunch.


By making federal buildings and offices occupied by federal employees smoke free environments, it will reduce the number of breaks and amount of work time lost due to smoking, as well as a reduction in the health insurance costs. You would eliminate the chance of non-smokers being impacted by smoking outside the building and also reduce the health impacts of those that do smoke by eliminating their ability to smoke outside a federal building.


This is a good idea for many reasons not only involving the Federal Government. But also involving family members of those that work in these buildings and visitors/tourist to some federal buildings.



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