Social Security Administration

Social Security E-Path change

I suggest that the Social Security e-Path system prompt the 1-800# agents to ask all questions that will be required when inputting changes in MSSICS. Currently, the 1-800# agents will only get part of the information needed to make the change. When this is referred to the local office, another representative has to recontact the claimant to get the rest of the information for their change. This is very time consuming and the claimant thought they had already made the change with the 1-800# agent, so they are not as likely to cooperate. Normally the kinds of questions the local office still needs answered are questions about who is in the household, the rent amount, etc. These questions could be addressed at the initial contact and save the field office hours of time trying to recontact the claimants to properly update the record. This could also prevent issues with non-receipt of checks because sometime the checks will still go to an old mailing address if the record didn't get updated in time.



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Idea No. 17546