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Start Recycling Styrofoam

Here at the CDC we have recently acquired a Styrocycler that compresses expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) packaging (commonly known as Styrofoam™) into blocks that are 2% of the size of its previous volume. The blocks are then recycled by a vendor to create new EPS products, resulting in a closed loop material cycle. It’s great because it keeps all the Styrofoam out of our dumpsters and landfills. It saves plenty of money by drastically reducing the number of times our dumpsters have to be emptied at our warehouse. In 8 months we recovered the cost for two of the machines and now they are purely a cost saving strategy. We have one at our warehouse and the other in a lab building where lots of supplies come packaged in Styrofoam. Cut costs and save the environment with a Styrocycler at offices.



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