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Stop Wasting Money on ADS-B

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Back in 2007, the FAA claimed that ADS-B would produce savings of $820 million between then and 2035. That was when the estimated annual subscription cost was $1.4 Billion. However, as of 2010, the annual subscription costs are now $3-4 Billion. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the cost savings disappear when the subscription costs more than double. Instead of saving $820 Million over a period of 28 years as initially projected, the FAA will spend more than $30 Billion MORE. There are no "savings" with ADS-B. Furthermore, the magical one second refresh rate is an illusion. The fusion process that actually puts the target on the controller's screens will still be linked to the 12 second refresh rate of the long range radars. It would be cheaper to ugrade the existing Mode-S and Beacon sites than to continue with ADS-B.



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