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Stop preserving looks and start using efficent windows, doors, and elevators

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Do away with the rule that old government buildings have to preserve things that are non-funtional, always breaking, and not energy efficient for the sake of it being "original" or "antique" parts or structure. Example, the elevators are slow, repairs take weeks because parts aren't available, not made anymore, doors and windows the same. We have single pane windows and doors, some with gaping holes all around it, letting air in and out, but they can't be replaced because it is "original"? Isn't that why we have energy star now but not when these buildings were built? Tons of money and energy out the doors, and windows in all seasons daily. Can't use elevators because they are being worked on or waiting on parts - work time wasted. WE can save the look while replacing the inerds.


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