Department of State

Stop useless trainings for non-democratic governments.

This is in regard to civil servants in most of the countries with a strong autocratic power.


Enormous number of trainings in the United States for those people provided by Department of State and other USG agencies by the 99% turn into a waste of money.


We should take into account that these public servants in any case will not change their work style and behavior in society - their work style is to be controlled by top authorities. For this reason, such trainings for the representatives of some of Ex-Soviet, African countries, etc., do not give the desired effect and become a free tourist trip to States for them.


Nevertheless, rejection of these trainings is a risk of worsening relations with those countries. Such excesses can be avoided if, instead of speding $ 50 million for such trainings to spend just $ 1 million for some material and tangible assistance: improvement of schools, police stations, etc.



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