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Stop using wireless devices for desktop computers

All government organizations should stop buying wireless mice, keyboards, and other devices for desktop computers and replace existing wireless devices with wired ones. The result will be increased savings, reduced waste, increased, security, and environmental responsibility.


First, wireless devices have higher fixed and variable costs than wired devices. They cost more at the time of purchase, and their batteries must be regularly replaced. Wired devices are cheaper to purchase and do not require batteries, so they will be cheaper both immediately and in the long term.


Second, wireless signals from keyboards can be hacked to obtain passwords and critical information, so security will immediately improve with the exodus of wireless devices.


Finally, replacing wireless devices is environmentally responsible because fewer batteries will be consumed and disposed.


Therefore, all government agencies should stop purchasing and using wireless devices because it will save money, improve security, and have a positive impact on the environment.



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Idea No. 17259