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Stop war or make Military Service Mandatory

To reduce spending we should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. If withdrawing our presence in those countries is not feasible, the alternative solution is to implement a mandatory military service for both men and women to gradually get rid of contractors. I am an Army veteran but I am neither for nor against war. I only believe that our current spending is unsustainable. If we really want wars but cannot fund them; then we should volunteer to maintain them. If we do not want to volunteer then we should advocate for peace.


I am just sick of people wanting it all: we want low taxes but great healthcare, environmental sustainability with low gas prices, high consumer spending but promote “savings”, homeownership for people that can’t afford it but don’t want foreclosures; we want low inflation, we want high employment rates and criticize off shoring but we also love to buy cheap products from Wal-Mart… Folks, let us be realistic, we cannot have it all!

It's simply economics... resources are scarce. We have to give up one thing to have the other one. So, what are you willing to sacrifice?


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