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Strategic Re-Positioning of Federal Jobs from DV/VA/MD to the other 48 states based on Jobs "Proximal Necessity" to the Washingt

With the growth of the U.S. populaton and the increasing responsibilities of the Federal Goverment, Direct (Federal Hires) and Indirect (Contractor's and Lobbyists) Jobs are disporportionally (with respect to the other 48 states) located in the DC/VA/MD area. The Federal Goverment pays significant direct costs (higher locality pay) and indirect costs (stimulus programs in the underperforming states, environmental costs, housing shortages in DV/VA/MD and excesses in (CA,MI, AZ)


I suggest the re-evaluation of the all DC/VA/MD based Federal Jobs based on the "proximal necessity of those jobs to the washingtion DC area" This evaluation should include Federal Government Agencies (e.g., USPTO) and Govenement Sponsored Enterprises (e.g., NIH).

Based on the results of this evaluation ( over some time frame where there is a positive Return on Investment), these Agencies and GSEs (in whole or in part) should begin to be strategically located to the the most challenged of the 48 states.



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