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Streamline all Indian Health services EHR and RPMS systems

I suggest you..Streamline all Indian Health services EHR and RPMS systems


All IHS EHR & RPMS only contain the information for their facility.

Many times patients visit several different facilities for the same medical problem. They may have Labs done at Winslow IHS and a CT done at Hopi Health Care Center. Due to transportation problems or other issues family do not return to the same facility to continue their care. Each time they go to a new facility their test and duplicated especially when one facility can’t reach the other the phone to have results faxed over. These repeat tests are astronomical in cost!

The other issue is that patients do not communicate that they have been seen at other IHS facilities. It would seem prudent that since we are all IHS facilities we should be able to input patients name, birthdate and SSN# to pull up a complete file for all of their visits.



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