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Streamline purchases of premium content

Federal libraries negotiate through the Library of Congress for bulk purchases to databases and subscription services. While working at an executive agency, one vendor showed me that our agency was purchasing the same content from 14 additional people not working in the library. While our library was paying $50,000 a year for this content, the 14 other people were also paying for that same content. Multiple this by at least 1,000 to get an idea of how much money is being wasted by not centralizing and enforcing such purchases. If we work smarter to show people what content is already owned, if we ask for vendor cooperation in streamlining purchases, we can eliminate buying the same content over and over and over again. We could also do more interlibrary loan between federal libraries which would streamline the purchase of books, e-books, and e-journals. The Federal Libraries and Information Center Committee at the Library of Congress can take a lead in organizing this effort.



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