Department of Homeland Security

Streamlined Access to Secure Government Portals

Federal government employees typically must maintain and regularly update separate passwords to access numerous secure government websites in order to accomplish their official duties. I, myself, have no fewer than 30 separate usernames and passwords for the protected government websites that I must access routinely in order to accomplish the duties of my position. These accounts are not synchronized, and most passwords must be manually reset by me every 60-90 days. This involves a substantial waste of government resources--for system architects and adminstrators--to design and maintain these cumbersome user account password security systems and--for system users--to continually log in and out and reset their passwords. This further incurs a substantial system security risk, as most individuals must write down their numerous usernames and constantly-changing passwords in order not to forget them. Individuals who do not write down their numerous passwords often forget one or more of them and must waste manpower and resources in order to reset them using government-paid system technicians.

Recommend that the Executive Branch mandate that Federal departments and agencies begin rapid process to transition from username and password secure logons to single logon via Common Access Card (CAC) or biometrically-based, secure single logon.


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