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Strongly encourage all Federal Prisons to grow their own produce and compost the excess waste.

There are many federal prisons that have enough space to effectively grow enough vegetation to reduce the amount of produce purchased from outside sources. This would also help the environment by decreasing the amount of fuel used to ship and transport produce purchased on a weekly basis. The compost would be an asset to the earth and help to replenish and stabilize nutrients within the ground. The consumption of organically grown produce by inmates would boost the nutrient level of food and thereby reduce the cost of medical care and increase overall physical well-being. This increase in well-being could essentially dissipate the stress level of inmates which could then decrease the number of physical altercations within an institution. A Vocational Training program could teach inmates about the correct and appropriate way to garden (and even farm), which they could then use in the community upon their release from incarceration. This would also lead to an opportunity for each inmate to teach this information to their children, thereby teaching the importance of growing local produce, eating nutrients that support the body and the synergy that is created when the entire whole is supported and nourished.



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