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I suggest that every person who wants to go into a given health care career (EMT, nursing home care, nursing home administration, nursing of any kind, emergency room care, doctor, alzheimer's/dementia care unit, etc) find out before they get too deep into college/training if they have the empathy and caring to handle the rigors of the job they are getting into. How to do this? “Volunteer” and get student credit for taking care of an elderly/disabled, baby or young person in that person’s/parent’s home. The student finds out early on if they have the aptitude, they get free room and board, they get credit, and the patient gets the care they so desperately need at a much reduced rate. The student is overseen. If the student can't cut the mustard, no harm no foul (except for any kind of abuse). They walk away knowing they should not be in that career field. The patient may miss that particular helper for awhile, but another one is sure to come along soon. In the meantime the patient will have to pay for the care normally offered by the private, public, and other sources (Passport, Comcare, Comfortkeepers, Senior Independence, meals-on-wheels, etc). If there are enough students in the system it won’t have to be for long. There is no excuse for short-tempered, uncaring, rude, mean, inept, unhygienic health care professionals. That is what I am seeing in 2/3 of the places I have been visiting.



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