Office of Personnel Management

Student Loan Repayment Not Applicable Until After Minimum Service is Met

Student Loan Repayment is available to federal employees but it is on a case by case basis. As a result, many agencies only provide it to specific positions that are either hard to fill due to expertise or for positions in locations hard to fill.


The end result is a number of employees such as Engineers and Lawyers that get the Student Loan Repayment because of the competitive field of work they are involved in. These employees often stay with the Federal Government for the minimum time to assure their student loans are repayed and then leave for private industry. Where they get paid more but no longer are in debt for student loans.


Not only does this result in a loss of money and employees for the Federal Government where they have to now hire someone else with the same requests, but it also lowers the morale of the other employees who do not get these benefits.


So I propose that you require Federal Employees to stay a minimum number of years in order to have their full student loans repayed, depending on how much they owe.


An example:


1. Less than $25,000 = 5 years

2. $25,001-50,000 = 10 years

3. $50,001 and greater = 15 years


If they do not stay the full time, then they do not get reimbursed for student loans.



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