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SAVE our Country! This is the single greatest innovative idea since Edison, Franklin and Washington~! Our Father’s will smile upon this idea to save our country from financial bondage.

We need to establish a United States Lottery in all 50 states (SAVE-Lotto) Support America’s Vision for Economic_Freedom. Where individuals can buy a lottery ticket with a possible chance to win the jackpot, and the revenue will PAY THE NATIONAL DEBT at the same time. The U.S Government can provide initial financial support in the form of a loan--the money needed to implement the start-up process-- to a separate institution NOT run by the White House. This process can be posted on the SAVE-Lotto website and the financial information can be visible for all to see. Total accountability will be provided to the American people to see where the funds are being spent monthly. The initial loan will be paid back to the government with interest and then the revenue will go to PAY THE NATIONAL DEBT. A small percent of the cost will be used to support administrative fees and pay employees. I suggest this operation will provide employment for multiple states by remotely working from different areas, OR just one central location. Since we already have successful Lotteries operating we can R&D rip-off and duplicate their process on a much larger scale of course.

I propose millions of dollars a week will be purchased in tickets. I suggest after the NATIONAL DEBT IS PAID and IT WILL BE PAID, we use the money to support the real heroes in this country Teachers, Fire fighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Responders, feed and house hungry children and the homeless. After these suggestions have been fulfilled, we should vote where the money will be spent so the voice of the people can decide as a unified country.

The People of this great country want to reduce the trillions of dollars we owe and most of us already know we need to do something. When given the opportunity we will buy a ticket to win a jackpot, so this is a unilateral Win-Win for all who live in the United States of America.


Submitted by: Cheryl Barrow, 35 Lynwood Ave., Titusville, FL 32796

321-264-0391, employed by United Space Alliance, Kennedy Space Center



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