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Department of Labor

Support Healthy Lifestyle Choices

More and more studies have shown that healthy employees are productive employees, yet with the amount of time we spend working, commuting, family, etc. many Feds have limited time to devote to wellness activities and fitness. In the military, working out three times a week (during duty hours) is encouraged and often enforced by many unit commanders.


Allot time during the regular workday to allow employees to go to that lunchtime Pilates or yoga class in the building fitness center or go for a walk/run. Many federal buildings already have gym facilities available, but employees with a 30-minute lunch break can not take advantage of a 45- or 60-minute class or have enough time to enjoy a brisk walk or run with time to change and report back to the office.


This does not have to be available for all employees 5 days per week; having the extra time to exercise even twice a week can dramatically increase an individual's overall health, therefore leading to greater rates of productivity.



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