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Our agencies run on information and this often means studies and surveys. It appears to me that many agencies need the same or similar information. These surveys are often contracted out and can cost hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of dollars to do - per survey. If a system could be established where agencies could pool their resources and work on surveys and studies together, it could save millions of dollars. This could likely be accomplished with a web-based portal that would allow any group needing an information study to enter certain information and find out if: 1. someone else has already done it, 2. someone else is working on it, 3. someone else is doing something similar and adjusting their efforts a little could serve both purposes, or 4. what you are looking for has not been done, is not planned, but other agencies are interested in similar information. All reports once completed could be stored in one location here also, so that we may benefit from work of other agencies.



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