General Services Administration

Systems furniture interconnectivity and reutilization

The federal government including the DOD, State, and local municipalities is likely the largest consumer of systems furniture in the country. While systems and office furniture and office furniture is a very competitive market and GSA schedules are established for just about any series and component needed, encouraging commercial off the shelf connectivity of systems would increase the governments ability to reutilize, reconfigure, and combine systems as organizations shift and change. As an example, currently our facility works out of a large number of single story unreinforced masonry warehouses, however, supposedly in the next 2-5 years a new government/industry partnership would shift thousands of users to more efficient multistory balloon type structure. Increasing the reusability of all furniture purchased from now till the move would save the government hundreds of thousand dollars. Multiply these savings by all government agencies being enable to better reuse existing systems furniture, and the savings yielded from reduced reliance on sole source contracts (the result of proprietary/specialized attachment points) and the savings are considerable; better they are sustainable.



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