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Tapping Obesity Energy Reserve (TOER) Initiative

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Tapping Obesity Energy Reserve (TOER) is one initiative that contributes to solutions for two national issues--(1) the need for alternative energy solutions and (2) solutions to reduce obesity (like Let's Move). The genesis of the idea is to fund (with money otherwise spent on health care costs related to obesity) research, development, and incentivize production of home pedal power technology--like the bicycle powered generators do-it-yourselfers have been cobbling together in their garages for years--such that extremely efficient pedal electricity generating machines can be made available to consumers at a reasonable retail price. Though the home generated electrical power may be relatively insignificant, at least at the beginning, families will additionally benefit from the fitness aspect and “tap into” the fat energy reserve many Americans have stored up. Further, if use of a home pedal powered generator is made a “family affair”—a regular activity with participation from the entire family—all members of the household will gain an awareness and appreciation of the value, use, and importance of conserving energy. And as an over-arching capstone benefit, families as they recurrently contribute and provide encouragement to one another in producing power and improving fitness will realize the greater unity nourished as a family unit. The “one-two punch” of implementing a TOER initiative yields rewards for both alternative energy and fighting obesity.



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