Department of the Interior

Telecommuting: Benefits the government, the employee, and the enviroment.

Employees whose work does not actually require their physical presence be allowed to telecommute from home. Saves on pollution emissions. Doing everything electronic saves on paper waste, and cost of paper and printers. Working from home the employee pays for the electricity required to run computer instead of government. Employee being at home will also save the government costs of water treatment, and waste water treatment since the employee will be providing both for themselves from their own residence. Office furniture would be supplied by the employee saving the government significant money. Without the distractions of other co-workers always bothering employees, employees would be able to do their work better and faster. Employee being at home would reduce the stress levels of the employee by them being in their own comfortable environment, and not having to stress over cost of gas and wear and tear on their vehicles, and worrying about making it to work on time. All and all. Everyone wins. If there's concern about the employee not doing work while at home, one could instigate a web-cam monitoring program, or have an activity tracker program installed on their computer.



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