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Term Limits for Key DoD Civilian Leadership Positions

Establish term limits for senior civilian leaders in critical positions. A few years ago at a PEO/SYSCOM conference at Ft Belvoir, a USMC General as part of a panel made this point when asked how to reform Defense Acquisitions. There are some career bureaucrats with stale ideas that are locked into a critical leadership position within OSD or the military branches. Some have been in the same position for 10 years and don't plan to leave it until they retire (or die). This prevents any new ideas from emerging from that office, establishes cronyism, and limits promotion opportunities for emerging leaders. Everyone can name a handful of folks in this scenario, but no one has the political willpower to remove them. They outlast the political appointees who they work for and know it. Term limits of 5-6 years would open endless opportunities for fresh ideas and reduced bureaucracy.



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