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Time to bring "Joint" to the rest of DoD activities.

For some time now, the military has "fought the Joint fight" with great success through the Combatant commands, but the back home processes retain much inefficiency due to service specific stovepipes. I'd propose that the individual services can have better focus on each of their "Organize, Train, and Equip" functions by spinning off two parts of their activities to functional organizations akin to TRANSCOM - although these might be "PERSCOM" and "MATCOM". The basic personnel and admin services - for military, civilians, and contractor support services - across all the services could be standardized and consolidated in PERSCOM. Not only could this eliminate redundant activities by the multiple services, it could better visibility and management of all DoD personnel and facilitate the real time balancing of military vs. civilian vs. contractor mix in all organizations. PERSCOM could be formed from the consolidation of existing personnel and admin activities currently in the services and would be the more efficient provider of personnel to the services. In a similar manner, consolidating acquisition and associated R&D and S&T activities into a unified MATCOM could allow great efficiencies in acquisition and procurement efforts to support all the services. Redundant efforts could be eliminated, areas of common interest could be more easily shared and leveraged, and requirements more quickly satisfied with removal of stove pipes between acquisition communities. Subdivisions to functional areas would still provide focus - land vehicles, ships, rotorcraft, etc., but could leverage cost and schedule benefits for all services. As with PERSCOM, a MATCOM organization could come from the consolidation of existing acquisition communities and then provide unified acquisition for all services.



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