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Tire Repalcement on Government Vehicles

I suggest that every branch of the government that maintains vehicles such as light trucks and maintenance work trucks and SUVs change from new tire replacement to recycled tires manufactured by a reputable retreading company. For example if any light truck with standard size tires needs to replace those tires, the average cost per tire at government rates would be approximately 175 dollars per tire. By using recycled tires (like the post office already does) the cost for replacement per tire could as low as 75 to 100 dollars per tire. Multiplied by the number of vehicles in the US Fleet the savings would be many millions per year. Most retreading companies now offer comparable tread patterns and even more aggressive patterns for off road use (See the website for examples) and they offer warranties on their products. Using recycled retreaded tires is good for the environment and will save the government and the taxpayers millions every year. Thanks for your interest in saving resources.



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