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Travel Requirements-US Carrier Restriction

The Fly America Act needs an overhaul. The cost of traveling to Africa and Asia on an American carrier far exceeds the benefit the act was meant to provide to the US air industry. Even purchasing codeshare flights from a US carrier sometimes ends up costing three to four times the cost of the airline ticket if purchased directly from the international carrier. As a taxpayer, I rather $800 goes to Korean Air than $3000 to Delta or United. With the additional $2200, the government could give a direct credit to the US carrier for $800 and still save money.


If due to political pressures, the USG cannot remove the Fly America Act, a simple fix would be to add a line to The Fly America Act that if the cost is more than double to fly a US carrier, you can fly an international carrier. The legislation has already been changed to accomodate flight times but the cost, as one can see from the various threads about allowing for internet booking of flights, is obviously a large issue across agencies that should be fixed.



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