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I suggest a new type of proactive solution in the form of an enforcement system to deter the hiring of undocumented workers (illegal aliens, deportable/inadmissible aliens) through self funded economic incentives (monetary rewards) generated by fines. It will encourage the public to report violators and discourage employers from hiring undocumented workers.


A percentage of the fines levied on employers of undocumented workers will be rewarded to people who report the violators: The employers who hire illegal workers. We will effectively deal with the challenge of undocumented workers (deportable/inadmissible aliens) by implementing a cost saving Deterrence Program modeled and based around a Crime Stoppers/Hotline type of format.


A National Hotline will be advertised and provided to the Public, it will provide an avenue that members of the public can report illegal hiring of undocumented workers and the whereabouts where they are employed at. The person calling the hotline (reporting the violation) is allowed to remain anonymous, once the worksite is inspected by the proper and corresponding D.H.S (Border Patrol, ICE, CBP etc.) authorities and the undocumented workers are verified and detained, the employer is fined and the anonymous tipster will be given a percentage of the fine (25%) collected by the United States Government.


This process will serve as a deterrent to the hiring and exploitation of undocumented workers and will reduce the economic incentives of employers and discourage employers from stepping outside of the law when they hire knowingly hire undocumented workers.


The other advantage that this program will create and provide is an immediate nationwide network of members of the public who will serve to provide information regarding hiring violations because of monetary incentives. These segments of the public that will be predisposed to report these violations will encompass a broad spectrum of the public from private sector workers. The potential reporting public will range from people that are that are themselves victims of work displacement or exploitation, to employers that are properly following the law and are being hurt by competitors that hire undocumented workers.


The deterrence factor to the Employer that weighs the risks of hiring undocumented workers will be profound. The knowledge that Employers will have of the monetary incentives of compensation available to those that report violations; that avenues of communication are provided to anonymous callers via this Hotline Initiative/Program will deter employers from hiring undocumented workers. This Program will also reduce the incentives for undocumented workers to illegally enter the United States.


This program will even be popular with the undocumented workers reporting on their own employers that have illegally hired them.


This will be evident in the form of economic incentive, for example:


An undocumented worker reports (calls hotline) on his employer, the employer maintains a staff of 50 undocumented workers (illegal aliens). Once the undocumented workers are verified and apprehended, and fines are imposed on the Employer, lets say $500 per alien, the person (possibly an undocumented worker) will be given the 25% proceeds of fines imposed $500 per 50 (undocumented workers). This is $6,250 for making a phone call and remaining anonymous. This is far better for than what the normal Employer that hires undocumented workers is willing pay or offer. The possibility of acquiring a substantial monetary amount for just making a phone call is a motivator. Once this becomes common practice, many employers will shed their undocumented workers for fear of economic loss through fines.


It is also likely that the undocumented worker that reported the previous employer, will report the next Employer that hires him illegally if the number of staff (undocumented workers) is enough to provide another big payoff. He or she will remain anonymous throughout the process. Many undocumented workers will take the substantial reward money and leave the United States. Eventually, this cycle will repeat itself with positive consequences (deterrence).


This is a program that will have a broader positive effect (mass deterrence of violators) with minimal enforcement through funds generated to compensate participants that are providing information on the violators (employers that hire undocumented workers).


Employees that are legally working or that have been displaced by undocumented workers will also have an incentive to report on these types of violations that they are aware of in their workplaces. This will teach employers to exercise restraint when they ponder violating immigration laws through the hiring of undocumented workers.


It is time we start taking innovative approaches and implementing viable solutions to difficult tasks in the areas of effective deterrence regarding Immigration laws.


This can be the start to providing a solution to a problem that affects the populace on a mass level.


This would serve as a deterrent to illegal aliens altogether. The undocumented/illegal aliens would lose their incentive to come to the United States when the ability to gain a job without legal status becomes very difficult. This would come in the form of the economic motivation that people would have (both with legal and illegal status) to gain monetary amounts easily by informing on lawbreakers anonymously. Once the "under the table" jobs dry up that are held by undocumented workers dry up and the benefits of entering the United States dissappear, the potential violators of these immigration laws will not come here.


This will alleviate crime,urban sprawl and will provide relief to our over burdened health care and school systems.


Thank You


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